One must perhaps at some time in one's life have burnt one's bridges only to learn how important bridges can be in the life of man. Oliver Rossdeutscher did it! Successful photographer and designer with his own studio in Hamburg, his book "No rites", in which he describes the Inner Circle of the Technoscene. And then he sells his complete household and leaves for the Caribbean. Following the trails of Gauguins the photographer finds painting. Moreover, he finds himself. In the infinite silence at the other end of the world he notices noise. It's the brute buzzing and humming of City life, the shouts of passers-by, honking cars and the constant rumble of trains. Oliver Rossdeutscher needs big cities, the hustle and bustle of metropolises. This is what he knows now. So he returns. At the turn of the millennium he's back. He turns to the wild poet of the city. City as a concept, the testimony of extensiveness. He travels between Hamburg and New York. His devotion to painting, as experienced in the Caribbean, he takes to Hamburg and combines it with the professionalism of the photographer. The pictures he henceforth creates are dizzying rollercoaster rides between euphoria and fear. The former student of the University School of Design has developed a completely unique style. After an excessive and thourough search for motives he edits the resulting photos on  the computer and transforms them into futuristic collages which will be transfered onto an aluminium-plate. News mixed media collage metal cities Copyright Oliver Rossdeutscher 2019 Impressum About Exhibitions Contact Frances           Deutsch           English